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  • Parry PGF800G LPG Gas Griddle 820x510x235		£341.66 Exc VAT (£409.99 Inc VAT)
  • Lincat DF4P Fryer Single Tank Double Basket		£766.66 Exc VAT (£919.99 Inc VAT)
  • Fire Blanket 1.2x1.8				£17.99 Exc VAT (£21.59 Inc VAT)
  • Wet Chemical Extinguisher 3L			£58.32 Exc VAT (£69.98 Inc VAT)
  • Handeman Xtra in Grey or Blue 			£144.99 Exc Vat (£173.99 Inc VAT)
  • Kanga Box Expert Top Loader 39LTRS			£35.86 Exc VAT (£43.03 Inc VAT)

Medium Package 2

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10.00 KGS
£1,731.77 (inc VAT) £1,443.14 (exc VAT)



Whats included in this bundle



The Parry PGF800G LPG countertop griddle is lightweight, stainless steel griddle and ideal for mobile catering! 


  • Constructed using three stainless steel burners, with a 6mm steel plate.
  • Drip tray assists easier cleaning
  • High protection frame prevents spatter. 
  • Natural gas conversion kit supplied.
  • Also comes in 600mm and 1000mm.


2 year Parry warranty included



 Lincat's Silverlink  600 Counter Top Gas Fryer's are perfect for the mobile caterer as they offer all the same benefits as their electric counterpart!

Its thermostatic control ensures accurate oil temperature control and delivers consistently perfect results.

Its safety features, such as flame failure device ad top temperature cut-out, gives the caterer peace of mind as it ensures you are operating safely.

Lincat fryers are built from heavy duty double nickel plated sun wire baskets, batter plates and stainless steel lids are supplied as standard.

Pilot flame operation with piezo ignition.


Lincat 600 silverlink fryer comes in two sizes:

DF4 Single tank fryer with 2 baskets - (HxWxD) 425 x 450 x 600mm

DF7 Twin tank fryer with 2 baskets - (HxWxD) 425 x 750 x 600mm


All Lincat products come with a two year labour an parts warranty*


Any equipment returned to Lincat will be subject to a 20% restocking charge – please check that you are happy with the weight and size of products before purchasing


*Where products are gas powered and have been installed into a mobile catering outlet, the company's obligation is limited to the free-of-charge supply of spare parts.



The Handeman® Xtra Portable is a completely self-contained hand washing unit and will keep water warm for up to 5 hours depending on the temperature of the preheated hot water.


  • It's easy to use; just place on any flat surface, or wall mount, fill with warm water and its ready to use.
  • The Handeman Xtra® provides up to 15 x ten second, hand washes per filling.
  • A combination of the Handeman’s unique 3 litre ‘Waste-safe’® and ‘finger-tip’ tap system ensures you get really effective washing, as the tap cannot collect dirt and greaseand all the dirty water goes directly into the ‘Waste-safe’®.     
  • All Handeman Xtra® models include a unique 3 litre ‘Waste-safe’ that holds all the dirty water which can be easily removed and emptied at the end of the day. This means there is no hassle as there is no need for a separate waste pipe or a waste water storage container.



Teal portable hand wash 2 year guarantee

Teal provide a two year guarantee (return to factory) on all handwash systems.





The Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher is the ONLY type of fire extinguisher that is suitable for use on burning cooking oils.

Wet Chemical solution covers the fire, forming a seal between the fire and oxygen, extinguishing the fire and preventing it from re-ignition.

Wet chemical extinguishers are ideal for a commercial kitchen environment, such as restaurants, cafe's, chip shop's or canteens.



Fire blankets are fully compliant with BSI standards and is compliant with BS EN 1869:1997.
If you are cooking with fats and oils this unit is ideal and offers a fast and effective method to smother fires.
It is contained within a PVC case so it stays clean and protected until you need it. 
The case also includes safety instructions and guidelines for use of the fire blanket. 
This fire blanket is deal for fighting small fires that might occur in the home or workplace. 
1.2m x 1.2m is ideal for fighting fires that might occur in commercial kitchens and is also used in workshops and for personal use and 
comes with fast release straps that you pull for immediate release when it is required. 


Kangabox Expert Gastronorm 46L


  • Ultra- lightweight, perfectly-closing lid and high resistant surface: when transporting Gastronorm containers, the KANGABOX Expert GN offers maximum convenience and safety. The high stacking edge with locking out sliding. Available in 10 attractive colors and 8 different sizes including a min variant for cold snacks.




  • Particularlry easy to clean
  • High temperatre resistance when keeping food hot or cold
  • Rounded cornders for safe transport
  • Ergonomically shaped handles
  • Ultra-light
  • imapct- and scratch proof surface
  • Dishwasher-safe to 80ºC
  • Ideal for suporting cold chainsnto HACCP standards
  • 2 smooth and 2 dimpled cold chains


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