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Fire Blanket (Various Sizes Available)

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Full Specs

Compliant with:
BS EN 1869:1997
0.50 KGS
£20.39 (inc VAT) £16.99 (exc VAT)


Fire blankets are fully compliant with BSI standards and is compliant with BS EN 1869:1997.
If you are cooking with fats and oils this unit is ideal and offers a fast and effective method to smother fires.
It is contained within a PVC case so it stays clean and protected until you need it. 
The case also includes safety instructions and guidelines for use of the fire blanket. 
This fire blanket is deal for fighting small fires that might occur in the home or workplace. 
1.8m x 1.8m is ideal for fighting fires that might occur in commercial kitchens and is also used in workshops and for personal use and 
comes with fast release straps that you pull for immediate release when it is required. Con
verts at approximately 3.3ft x 3.3ft.


Full Specs

Compliant with:
BS EN 1869:1997